TOOLS: Tronxy X1 3D Printer

   This is actually my second 3D printer, purchased last November.  It comes as a kit and sells for as little as $125 mail order.  The kit is not perfect, but after adding a few printed parts it is much improved.

   The design is simple and the aluminum extrusion frame is quite rigid, which is a plus in a 3D printer.  This one has no heated bed, so I am limited to PLA plastic, but I use that for most of my printing anyway.

  The bed size is only 150 mm square, but it great for smaller parts.  Best of all, it is very quiet.  My other printer, an Anet A8, is quite loud.  The Tronxy is also portable and I can even lift it when it is printing.


   The green square in the photos is a slab of FRP board, the same stuff printed circuit boards are made of.  A good slathering of glue stick helps keep the prints stuck to the bed and minimizes curling.  The slab flexes to help release parts.

  I still have a few mods to add to this printer, such as the Y axis tensioner.  I also have to do a bit more cable management as these things have _LOTS_ of wires coming off of them!


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