Tiny Teardown: IBM Magstar MP Fast Access Linear Tape

My friend salvaged some old data tapes from an old industrial site.  (He had permission)

Back of the cartridge, only 2 screws hold it together.

Cover is off!  2 reels of tape, not wound the way I thought they would be.

Reels off, they fit over a pair of pegs, no fancy bearings.

Two views of the tape guides, just semicircles of polished metal pegged to the back plate.  These tapes were meant mainly to be used as back-up data storage, so they did not have a lot inside as there was little concern over wear like you might see in an audio cassette.  These tapes have little value as they have been used.  I see folks trying to get $10 each on ebay, but they never sell.  The drives that use these tapes are all old and cost too much for casual purchase.

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