Some stuff from my storage boxes pt.1 of ???

Board slide 1

Looks like I gained a pile of new users, Who ever you are, Hello.

Above is a picture of some of the stuff I’ve built or bought.  From the center top, counter-clockwise:

Cheap 7-segment display clock kit, works, but I have plenty of clocks.  Based on some ATMega chip, I think.

LM386 audio amplifier on some lousy breadboard.  Works, but no too impressive.

Midi adapter for an Arduino.  Not yet tested.  I made 2.  Basically an opto-isolator and a few passives.

LED Matrix module – common thing for Arduino experimenters.  I have a LOL board too.

Arduino Micro with the end pins extended to make it work in a socket.

FM wireless mike kit.  Works, but very feedback-y.

USB to Serial board (can’t have too many of those, given that I have lost one already).

An adapter board for an INHAUS Arduino board.  It has a double row of pins so it can be mounted in a double header.  Attached is another USB to Serial.  Its an interesting form factor with 3.3v logic, but req 5v to upload sketches.

Center is a cheap function generator kit.  I have a better one, but I don’t use either just now.  Maybe there is a synth experiment in my future?


That’s all for now.  Next up should be my Anet A8 3D printer that I’m slowly modding.



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